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Benefits of a Commercial Loan

Businesses that need to fund a major capital expenditure or temporarily cover the costs of operation often apply for commercial business loans. This type of financing can make a difference in the success of an enterprise. Having capital available for various business conditions will allow your business to thrive in all situations.

Benefits of a Commercial Loan with Express Capital

Getting a commercial business loan gives you an opportunity to develop a positive credit record. This is advantageous to pave the way for future funding opportunities as your business grows. Even better, commercial business loans allow you to keep full control of your business assets, as no collateral is needed to finalize the loan. You can count on us to offer:

A straightforward, easy, and fast application process

Customized repayment terms

A simple qualification process

This loan type is unsecured, so your assets are not attached

Best Uses of Your Business Loan

A business loan is best used to build your business enterprise and provide you with working capital so that you can make the most of growing your business. These funds are mainly used to make improvements to your existing business to help increase market share and profits.


Optimize Your Equipment

In order to fully compete in your industry, you need to purchase equipment that is efficient and meets today’s standards. If your successful business needs more equipment to keep up with increasing demand, getting additional funds will enable you to step up to increased production and efficiency.

Leverage Your Marketing

A commitment to marketing is increasingly important for developing a strong and successful business. A commercial business loan makes it possible to develop advertising and marketing that will increase sales.

Rejuvenate Your Locations

A renovation of your company’s facilities is more than just a cosmetic move. It can enable you to better serve your customers, provide additional safety for workers, and even improve your profit margins over time. Commercial business loans can provide you with the ability to make your vision a reality.

Simple, Fast, and Hassle-free Loans

Planning for success means finding the resources to make positive change happen. Though many banks make it hard for businesses to get the funding they need, we understand the challenges you face. Borrowing from Express Capital gives you the time to run your company instead of chase after business funding — all hassle-free. Our loans enable you to apply, qualify, and get funded all within the same day.

check markBorrow from $5 - $150k

check markSimple Application Process

check markNo Prepayment Penalties

check markDirect Lender, No Broker Fees

check markGet Funded within 24 hours

check markA+ Rating with BBB

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