5 Ways Contractors Can Generate Revenue During the Winter Months

Jun 01, 2022

Winter can be a slow time for contractors and many face business seasonality. No one wants to work outside in harsh weather conditions. There are ways around it and having an adaptable business strategy will help generate cash flow even through the slowest of times.  

To generate business quickly, reach out to your existing customers and potential clients. There is no need to re-market yourself and spend all this time advertising. Let them know of the additional winter projects. This is a good way to stay in touch and keep the relationship strong.

It’s time to think outside the box and keep your fires burning during the slow season. Here are some unique ways in generating supplemental income in during seasonal fluctuations in the winter months.

Home Remodeling

For the building contractors, interior remodeling may be right for you. The best part about it is that remodeling is year around and you can continue these projects even when the warmer seasons arrive. Remodeling is also a great way for homeowners to increase the value of their homes.

A more unique project is providing energy efficiency by remodeling basements, windows and doors for weather treatment.

Snow Removal

snow removal

When the snow starts to fall, people’s homes and businesses will need that snow removed.  Snow removal is known to be quite profitable. Snow can also damage housing structures and cause roof cave-ins. In heavy or intense weather conditions, repairs may need to be made to buildings leaving you with an opportunity to give your services.

Most contractors will have the equipment to remove snow off roofs and the ground. If you do not have the equipment to plow snow, renting a UTV or ATV plow maybe a good idea. 

Holiday Decorating

The hustle and stress of the holiday season along with the seasonal disruption in contractor’s revenue makes a perfect opportunity to keep business afloat during the winter months. The Christmas light installation business is big during this season. What better way to help your customers and network of people avoid the hassle of untangling strands of lights and climbing up ladders risking an accident. It is a win-win for all.

One of our client’s business is in Minnesota where temperatures in the winter get well below zero degrees. His recycling business revenues dip in the winter months as it becomes difficult to deploy and pickup containers for his customers.  With business being a little slower, he usually gets a working capital loan to maintain his business until things pick up.  To supplement his income, he takes on winter projects such as putting up Christmas light decorations for residential folks and businesses.

Firewood Delivery

People still love to use their fireplaces when it’s cold outside. This is more of a guerrilla marketing tactic instead of a revenue generator. Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional and creative way to develop attention by word-of-mouth that is not traditional marketing.  

Consider delivering firewood to clients and commercial clients with fireplaces, such as hotels and some specialty stores. This is an opportunity to stay connected to clients and possibly book new ones when the weather warms up.

Expand your Geographic Area

Just because the weather in your town is down-right miserable, you may find neighboring city temperatures are workable. Expanding your coverage might be temporary option. Start your advertising in the nearby states or cities to find profitable projects.

Business doesn’t have to slow down because of the cold and snowy months. Planning ahead is the key so you are not left in urgency. It is also a good way to build relationships with your existing customers and market yourself to the community. Even though they may be smaller projects than you normally take, this still can add a significant income stream. 

If you talk to your financial planner, they will say to budget and plan for the off season.  Sometimes contractors have the unforeseen circumstance and the revenue generating ideas just may be the key to keeping business operating smoothly year around.

Let us know what projects help you with the revenue lull during your seasonal fluctuations?

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