Accept a New Project With Confidence - Working Capital for Contractors

Jun 30, 2021

As a contractor or small business, keeping sales coming in and running smoothly is sometimes a challenge. The up-front money for starting a new contract rarely covers the costs of the supplies you need to do the job. So, you can find yourself waiting for the payment at the end of a big job to fund the supplies for the next one. Small projects are not always available to fill those gaps. It is essential to keep contracts lined up, especially if you have a crew of good employees.

This is the time that a short-term loan or a line of credit is just the answer. In this case, the debt you would carry gives you the benefit of expanding your business. Debt can help your business generate value, net worth and allow your operations to continue without a hitch. Think of it as an investment into your employees, new customer contracts and/or expansion of your business that will help generate healthy cash flow.

You can accept a new or larger contract with the confidence that you can get the supplies you need in time to make your deadlines. This allows you to keep your employees working and your business productive.

Cash Advance up to $125k

Express Capital Funding has the working capital loans that are designed specifically to help contractors and small businesses. We want to see your business grow. The working capital loan will allow you to keep your business moving forward smoothly. You can repay the loan as soon as your cash flow allows, saving you interest. Another option is a line of credit, which would allow you to tap into a fund as you need it and pay it back quickly to avoid unnecessary costs.

Before you turn down a potential job, consider a short-term working capital loan to help your business. Learn more >



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