When it comes to storage space, the more the merrier. Even better? Turning existing features in the home into innovative storage areas. Closets are only going to cut it for so long before a growing family finds itself surrounded by clutter. Moving is an option but the issue of storage will likely still exist and adding on to a home to create more space is costly. 

Renovating a home for a client? Here are some innovative storage ideas and features you can bring to your customers. 

Under the stairs


Using the space beneath steps to create an area for storage is an excellent option. The lower section of stairs constructed to lift up reveals space that would otherwise be wasted. Another idea that works well is to install in the wall underneath the stairs drawers or shelving units. Drawers work great to tuck things away and shelving units provide an ideal area to display books or collectibles. Ease of access also make this a favorable option.


The struggle to find space for everything in the kitchen is real. Nothing creates a headache the way pots and pans clanging around in crowded cabinet space do. Installing baseboard drawers helps to clear out cupboards and maintain organization. Baseboard drawers will also work in bathrooms or any other areas in the home with cupboards or cabinets.



Installing a platform in a child's bedroom or a guest room creates several opportunities for additional storage. From pull-out drawers at the end of the platform, hinged sections of the floor that open up to reveal several feet of space, to built-in wall storage, no item will be without a place where it is easily stored and out of sight.

Built-in seating


Depending on the space you're transforming, built-in seating serves a dual purpose. It's a great option for a playroom, bedroom, or home office. It would also work well in an entryway or enclosed porch. Visually appealing and functional, built-in seating is a welcome addition in the right space.

Transform doors and entryways


Whether it's a door to a closet or laundry room, turn it into a shelving unit. When the door's closed, it will appear as built-in shelves. For an extra-large doorway or entryway into another room, adding shelf space is a possibility. Shelving constructed from ceiling to floor on either side takes up little living space yet yields useful storage space.

The more you look around, the more ideas that are likely to come to mind. Whether it's visible or not, the potential for additional storage space in any home is there. By brining a little creativity to your customer, space creating renovations are a welcome and often much-needed addition to any home.

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