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How Express Capital Works

Running a business is never an easy task. Every now and then you get in a pinch and need financing quick to help grow your business. Usually a bank is the first thing business owners go for financing. To get money fast, a bank is not the answer. Speaking with a broker for financing, they leave you just that, broke and frustrated as they have outrageous fees and costs.

At Express Capital Funding, we understand your business as we specialize in funding for small businesses and provide loans tailored just for you. There are no hidden fees. We make a credit decision by speaking to you and understanding your business, NOT by putting your data in a machine to determine if you are fit for a loan.

Since we are a direct lender, all we need is a half-page application and bank statements. Within minutes we can secure an approval. If you need money that day, no problem! We can wire the funds to you the same day! Don't wait, get a free quote today!


Top 3 Reasons Our Clients Turn to Express Capital Funding

  1. The process was effecient and loans are funded the same day.
  2. Customer service is excellent and extremely personal.
  3. Understand the client's business and able to offer them a loan that is perfect for them.
  4. The only lender that provides a 1 to 2 month loan.

Speak to a representitive about your business and how easy it is to obtain financing to support your working capital needs.