Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our working capital programs? Express Capital Funding, Inc has the answers you need to help you better understand this popular alternative to small business loans. Read our frequently asked questions about working capital, and contact us if you need additional information.

How is Express Capital Funding, Inc. different from other lenders?

Express Capital Funding, Inc. is faster than a bank, and more flexible than any other working capital lender. Unlike banks and lenders, we can deliver a decision in minutes. We can also establish a line of credit that you can draw upon as you need it, so you are only paying interest on the money you use. There are also no pre-payment penalties, so if you only need the working capital for 30 days, you won’t be responsible for paying all the interest for the entire term of the loan.

What is the application process?

Applying for a working capital loan is simple and typically only takes a few minutes. You can apply over the phone by calling (800)301-9149 or by sending in the completed application by fax or email.

What information is needed to apply?

All we will need is the last 3-6 months of complete business bank statements and the credit application.

What are the basic requirements to qualify for a working capital loan?

To qualify for a loan, your business should be US based, have 6 months’ time in business and $90,000+ in annual revenue.

How much do I qualify for?

Decisions are based on the analysis of your bank statements, company profile and personal credit history. We will make sure to give you multiple options and advice for what suits your business best.

Do I need to have good credit?

In these times, we know that many good, hardworking people can have bad credit. We evaluate every application on its merits. We listen to your story and see how we might help you and your business succeed.

How long does it take to get approved and funded?

We issue approvals within minutes of your submission. We fund most new clients in the same business day.

How do I pay the money back?

We collect payments electronically from your business bank account daily or weekly depending on the program. Daily and weekly payments are proven to prevent the negative effect on cash flow caused by larger monthly payments.

What if I need additional funding or want to renew?

Most of our customers recognize the value of having working capital available when they need it. That is why over 90% of our customers renew with us. The general rule of thumb is that if a customer has performed as expected and has paid back approximately 50% of their balance they can easily apply for additional funding. We can add a second loan at any time or you can restructure the first loan and take out additional funding.