Working Capital Loan with Express Capital

What is a working capital loan? Financing for the everyday operations of your company.

A small business doesn’t need a long-term debt when a short-term solution is required. Working capital is the solution of choice for small business as it covers accounts payable, wages, short-term cash flow gaps, inventory, and more. Typically used in a short-term arrangement, most working capital loans are outlined for a period between 1-18 months. At Express Capital, we will help you determine the best funding solution for your cash flow gaps.

Customized Loans for Small Business 

We understand the demands of your business. A customized loan for a small business means we can do the following for your business:

We're flexible.

We give you the flexibility to borrow the amount needed in a timeframe that makes sense to your business, with payment terms that will fit the ever-changing demands of your industry.

Our process is simple.

We know that complicated and drawn-out application processes can negatively affect your business operations. We offer a short application (only one-half of a page) and same-day funding to make it easy for you. With an Express Capital loan, we allow you to take out additional funds or pay the loan off early without penalties or extra fees. 


Up to $150,000

A+ Rating by BBB

BBB A+ Rating

early discounts

Incentive Discounts for Early Payoff


1 - 12 Month Terms

same day funding

Same Day Funding


Repayment is Daily or Weekly


Common Uses of Working Capital





Payoff Debt

New Project

New Project


Purchas Inventory

Purchase Inventory


Seasonal Fluctuations

Complete a Job

Pay Taxes



Make Payroll


Facility Expansion

Additional Staff

Additional Staff

Here at Express Capital, there are few, if any, restrictions on how you use the working capital loan for your business. Our goal is simply to help you receive the funds needed to improve your operations and conduct activities that will increase your revenue

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It's Simple to Qualify for a Business Loan
Process takes only 2 hours!



Bank Statements & 1/2 Page Application. Every application is analyzed manually and the principle amount is determined.







Our credit team assesses the application to determine if a working capital loan is a good fit for your business.







Funding documentation is prepared and sent. Once executed, funds are wired.

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Minimum requirements
To qualify for a small business loan, your business needs to be at least a year old. You should have revenues of $90,000 annually or $7,500 per month over the last three months.

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